[ 8 Easy Fixes ] Why is My Apple AirTag Not Updating Location? 2023

I completely understand the problem you’re having with your Apple AirTag’s location update. It can be frustrating when a device fails to perform correctly.

With the AirTag’s claimed ability to update its location every time it moves, it can sometimes fail to do so in real-time. An AirTag should normally update its location when it comes into contact with your iPad or iPhone. Still, there are many reasons why this may not be taking place. Problems with your WiFi or Bluetooth connection are a common issue.

The AirTag not updating location as planned if these connections work differently. Updating the AirTag’s location may also be challenging if you’re using an authorised Apple ID or if the Find My service is disabled.

There are some steps you can take to fix this issue. First, update the AirTag firmware. Next, confirm that your device has the Find My app activated.

Also, as this is necessary for accurate tracking, check that your location services are turned on. You can think about resetting the AirTag to see if that fixes the problem if none of the other methods work.

Why is My AirTag Not Updating Location? ( 6 Main Reasons )

An Apple AirTag can stop updating its location for many reasons. Below are some common reasons:

1. Poor Internet Connection:

AirTags can’t update their location without an internet connection. An active internet connection is needed for the AirTag to update its location on the connected smartphone. Check that the device to which your AirTag connects has an active internet connection (such as an iPhone or iPad).

2. Low Battery:

The AirTag can fail to be able to update its location if its battery is very low. Using the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad, check the battery health. Should the battery be low, it will need to be changed. Normal coin-cell batteries, which can be changed by the user, are used in AirTags.

3. Bluetooth and Location Services Disabled:

Check that the device to which your AirTag connects has both Bluetooth and location services turned on. Location Services is used by AirTags to update their location and Bluetooth is used for communication with the connected device.

4. Out of Range:

Your AirTag is not able to update its location if it is over the linked device’s Bluetooth range. The normal Bluetooth range is between 100 and 200 feet. The AirTag will not update its location if it is outside of this range until it is once again within range of a connected device.

5. Lost Mode Not Enabled:

The AirTag will not continually update its location if you’ve used the Find My app to identify it as lost but haven’t enabled Lost Mode. Check that Lost Mode is enabled in the Find My app. The AirTag will constantly update its location in Lost Mode if it is within Bluetooth range of any Apple device that has an internet connection.

6. Network Problems:

Sometimes, Apple’s network problems can affect the Find My service’s work. If none of the above solutions resolve the problem, there can be a brief problem with Apple’s servers. You might have to wait until the problem is fixed in that case.

How to Fix if My AirTag Not Updating Location? ( 100 % Working Methods )

I have done a lot of research to find a solution to this problem, after which I found these 8 most accurate and simple methods that can help you. I have also tried it myself and these actually work:

Solution 1: Check and Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Connection:

Check WiFi and Bluetooth Connection

Because AirTags use Bluetooth to share their location, they do not need Wi-Fi to work. However, an internet connection is necessary for you to view the AirTag’s data via the Find My app or iCloud. Turning on Aeroplane Mode on your phone and then restarting it is an easy way to fix connectivity problems. For the AirTag to work effectively, you must always have Bluetooth enabled on your iPhone.

Solution 2: Turn on and off Airplane Mode

Turn on and off Airplane Mode

An issue in the Find My app, your phone, or the AirTag devices could be the reason why your AirTag isn’t updating its location. Turning on and off airplane mode is an easy solution. By resetting all network connections this method safely solves any little problems that are stopping your phone’s location update.

Solution 3: Update the AirTag Firmware

Update the AirTag Firmware

Check that you have the most recent firmware version installed on your AirTag. Problems in older firmware have a chance to cause problems. It is important to update the firmware on your AirTag if you want to avoid software-related problems and compatibility issues.

Solution 4: Change the Battery:

Change the Battery:

When the battery runs low, the Find My app sometimes displays an error message that says “AirTag not reachable“. It is important to open the AirTag and replace the battery with a new one because the battery cannot be recharged. It is recommended that the AirTag’s battery be changed every 10 to 12 months because it helps for continuous use.

Solution 5: Enable Offline Finding:

Enable Offline Finding

Using Apple’s offline finding function, AirTags can be found even when they have no connection to a cellular or Wi-Fi network. Check that your iPhone has this feature enabled. Switch on Offline Finding by going to Settings > Apple ID > Find My > Find My iPhone.

Solution 6: Reset Your AirTag

Reset Your AirTag

Any kinks or issues that are stopping the AirTag from accurately updating its location can be resolved by resetting it. By doing this, you remove the AirTag from your Apple ID and delete all history of connections.

Repaired the AirTag with your iPhone and Apple ID must be done following the reset. The issue of the AirTag location not updating is often solved with this fast-reset

Solution 7: Move Around the AirTag:

Move Around the AirTag

The AirTag can sometimes fail to update its location when it is in a stationary position. You may be able to start the location update by moving the AirTag.

Solution 8: Wait for Location Update:

Wait for Location Update

Please be patient if none of the following solutions work. The AirTag may take some time to update its location at times, even if it is not in a busy area.

How Often Does Airtag Update Location?

Every one to two minutes, AirTag updates its location as long as there are iPhones around that are connected to the Find My network.

The location updates get faster and more accurate the more iPhones are in close range. AirTags’ tracking features are improved by this collaborative network of Apple devices, providing more accurate and timely location data.

How Long Does It Take the Apple Airtag to Update Location Actually?

An AirTag’s location updates generally every one to two minutes if a Find My device is nearby. As long as a compatible Apple device is in the area, this regular update takes location, providing real-time tracking capabilities.

With the help of this function, users may find goods more quickly and accurately, and their AirTag-enabled things will always have up-to-date location information.

What is the Apple AirTag’s Tracking Range?

The tracking range of the Apple AirTag depends on Bluetooth connectivity. It makes a connection with nearby Apple devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. In open areas, an AirTag’s effective tracking range is normally between 100 and 200 feet or 30 to 60 meters.

The range still can change depending on what’s around it. For example, walls and other objects can interfere with the Bluetooth signal and reduce its range.

Why does my AirTag say last seen?

When your AirTag is close to another Apple device that has notified you of its location, you receive a last-seen notification that lets you know where it was last seen. Your AirTag can be in a remote location without any iPhones or iPads nearby to record its position if it hasn’t been spotted recently.


If you disable key features like the Find My app, Location Services, Bluetooth, or two-factor authentication, the Apple item tracker can stop updating its location. A bad Wi-Fi connection or a system issue could possibly be a reason.

Sometimes the problem can be fixed with a simple AirTag reset or refresh. In more complicated situations, you might need to properly reconnect with the AirTag by changing the battery, upgrading to the most recent version of Apple software, or turning on Location Services in the settings app.

I have told you all the methods in detail, use them and solve your problem. I hope that the information given by me in this post has been very helpful to you. If you have any questions in your mind related to this topic, then please tell us by commenting.

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