Are iPad Minis Waterproof? Here’s the Truth [ 2023 ]

Nowadays, whether you or we go to buy any electronic or smart device like phones, laptops, cards, etc. or think of buying it, then a question comes to our mind whether it is waterproof or not, and if not, then most of us think that if we buy the same things, then it should be waterproof so that if our device accidentally comes in contact with water, it does not get damaged. But with this, we also know that the saree smart device is not waterproof.

So if you are also thinking of getting the iPad mini or you have bought it and you have this question in your mind that are iPad minis waterproof? So if you want to know the answers to many such questions about your iPad mini, then read this post carefully.

Are iPad Minis Waterproof?

The iPad mini is a very good and popular device. If we talk about whether it is waterproof or not, then it is a little complicated to answer this question because so far, Apple or any other tech company has not officially clarified whether it is waterproof or not.

It is definitely told to us that it comes with IP67 rating, which means that your Pad Mini can stay in 1 meter deep water for 25 to 30 minutes without any problem, but we can not say that Pad Minis is completely waterproof.

But it can definitely be said that if it accidentally comes in contact with water, then we will not be harmed as its star of water resistance is good.

What exactly is an IP Rating?

The word “waterproof” can be confusing because many people define it differently. That is why IP ratings are to clarify a device’s capabilities. The word “waterproof” can mean something that stands up to light rain or even being in water for an hour without harm.

The International Electrotechnical Commission conducts uniform tests to provide IP ratings to clear up any confusion. The iPad Mini 4S, for example, has an IP67 rating. This means it can withstand being submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes and is resistant to sand and dust.

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Which iPads are waterproof?

While the current iPhone models have an IP68 rating, Apple hasn’t shared any information about the iPad Pro versions. This means that Apple advises consumers to keep their tablets away from water to avoid any harm. With Apple’s refusal to confirm this, many people think iPads are water-resistant.

Many videos show iPads being easily damaged when dunked or otherwise exposed to water. After several years, Apple has been unable to release a waterproof or water-resistant iPad. The shortage of an IP rating on any iPad confirms this.

Are iPad Pros waterproof?

Are iPad Pros waterproof

Even while the iPad Pro is not waterproof, it has some water resistance. Apple claims that all of its iPad Pro models are IPX7 rated. They can therefore endure in one metre of water for up to thirty minutes. But be aware that with use, this water resistance may weaken and end.

Are iPad Airs waterproof?

Are iPad Airs waterproof?

Although it is not waterproof, the iPad Air is water-resistant. It means that rain, water splashes, and brief inadvertent swimming won’t damage it. Conversely, an extended submersion in water is not intended. Therefore, if you intend to take your iPad Air to the beach or near a swimming pool, it’s always a good idea to take precautions to avoid water damage.

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How to Keep Your iPad Safe from Water Damage?

Your iPad could be severely damaged by water damage. These are some important steps to take to protect your device:

1. Use a Waterproof Case

Use a Waterproof Case

Consider getting a waterproof case for your iPad if you must use it near water. Your device can be protected from unexpected moisture damage with these cases.

2. Stay away from heat sources.

Stay away from heat sources.

Keep your iPad away from hot sources like hair dryers. The gadget should ideally be dried by mild airflow since heat can exacerbate its damage.

3. Quickly Remove Moisture from an iPad

Quickly Remove Moisture from an iPad

Take immediate action if your iPad does get wet. To carefully dry it off, use a paper towel or soft cloth. Remove any water that might have got within the cracks or ports.

4. Make Sure Your iPad Is Dry

Make Sure Your iPad Is Dry

Keeping your iPad away from places with water is the best defense against water damage. Avoid using it in areas with lakes, beaches, or pools because accidents are possible.

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Best iPad Mini Waterproof Case

I’ve tried waterproof cases for iPhones and comparable protective cases for iPads. Similar to sturdy plastic or PVC bags, these solid boxes feature two or three sealing mechanisms. To make the device float, it is even conceivable to blow air into a lot of these spaces.

These cases have come in handy for me when swimming pools and the ocean, although I’ve only used them for an hour at a time.

Why are iPads not waterproof?

In the same way that smartphones are widespread, Apple has chosen not to release a water-resistant iPad model. According to Apple, most iPad users use them indoors, such as at home or on public transportation.

IP ratings for water resistance are missing on iPads because Apple believes these devices are primarily used in environments where water exposure is unlikely. Creating a waterproof iPad would require extensive redesigns and research and development, increasing production costs. Apple can keep the iPad at a more affordable price point by removing the IP rating.


I hope after reading the entire blog you would have come to know whether Apple Minis are waterproof or not. As you saw in this post, iPads are not completely waterproof, so you should be careful with your iPad.

Stay away from water as much as possible and use your waterproof cover for safety. If you have any question related to this topic, you can ask us in the comment box below.

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