Can a MacBook Be Tracked After Factory Reset? Yes, It’s Possible But How? [ 2023 ]

The security and privacy of our devices are now under greater focus in nowadays. One common question from MacBook holders “Can a Macbook be tracked after factory reset?” A factory reset, also known as a complete reset, restores all of the data and settings to their original condition as if they were new.

In this post, we will discuss how to track a MacBook after a factory reset and what you can do to keep your information private. The issue of MacBook security, tracking capabilities, and the efficacy of factory resets in preventing tracking will all be also discussed in this article. So, is it possible to track a MacBook after a factory reset? let’s find out.

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Can a MacBook Be Tracked After Factory Reset?

Short Answer:
Yes, a MacBook can still be tracked after a factory reset if the Find My feature was enabled before the reset. It remains linked to your Apple ID, enabling tracking if someone reactivates the device and connects it to the internet.

The answer is yes, it is possible in some situations, that a MacBook can be tracked after a factory reset. A factory reset (also known as a clean installation or a reformat) deletes most of the data on the MacBook’s storage drive and resets the operating system to its original format. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Find My Mac:

If the MacBook was linked to an iCloud account and the “Find My Mac” feature was active, it could still be tracked after a factory reset. This is because the device is still linked to the iCloud account, and the tracking features can still be used to find it.

2. Firmware and Serial Number:

Some information, including the serial number and firmware information on the MacBook, is not lost even after a factory reset. These details could be used to identify and track the device.

3. Previous Owner’s Account:

If you are not the original owner of the MacBook and the previous owner’s iCloud account has been linked to the laptop, the previous owner might be able to track it, even if the device has been factory reset.

4. Third-Party Tracking Software:

If third-party tracking software was installed on the MacBook before the factory reset, it might still work and allow the device to be tracked.

How to Track a MacBook After Factory Reset?

Tracking a MacBook after a factory reset can be a difficult task because a factory reset deletes most of the device’s data and settings. But there are some methods you may take to improve your chances of tracking out your MacBook if it goes missing even after a factory reset.

1. iCloud Activation Lock:

iCloud Activation Lock

Make sure the “Find My” feature on your MacBook is turned on before doing a factory reset. Even after a factory reset, this feature from Apple’s iCloud services can help you find the device. Here’s how to do it:

  • Enable Find My: Go to “System Preferences” > “Apple ID” > “iCloud” > Check the box next to “Find My Mac.”
  • Find Your MacBook: If your MacBook gets missing, go to or use the “Find My” app on another Apple device to track it out. On a map, you can see the last known location of your MacBook.
  • Enable Lost Mode: If you fear your MacBook has been stolen, you can activate Lost Mode. This locks your device and shows a personal message with your contact details on the screen. It also tracks the device’s location over time.

2. Serial Number:

Serial Number

Your MacBook’s serial number is a unique identification that can be used to track the device. Before a factory reset, record your MacBook’s serial number.

3. Contact Apple Support:

Contact Apple Support

If you have enabled Find My and know the serial number of your MacBook, you can contact Apple Support for help. They may be able to help you in tracking the device or in reporting the theft.

4. Third-Party Tracking Software:

Third-Party Tracking Software

There are third-party tracking software alternates available to help you in finding your MacBook after a factory reset. These software solutions usually offer work other than basic tracking of location.

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How Do I Reset My Mac Without Losing Everything?

You can reset your Mac without losing anything by doing a “soft” or “soft-like” reset, also known as a “macOS reinstall.” This option allows you to reinstall the operating system while saving your files and most of your settings. Here’s how you can do it:

Backup Your Data: Before proceeding, it’s very important to back up all your important files and data. You can use Time Machine or manually copy your files to an external storage device.

  • Access macOS Recovery: Restart your Mac and press the Command(⌘) and R keys until the Apple logo appears. This will start your Mac in macOS Recovery mode.
  • Choose Reinstall macOS: In macOS Recovery, select “Reinstall macOS” from the application window. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Select Installation Disk: You will be asked to choose the drive where you want to install macOS. Select your primary drive (commonly referred to as “Macintosh HD”) and click “Continue.”
  • Reinstallation Process: The reinstallation process will be started. This will install the latest version of macOS while keeping your files and user settings intact.
  • Complete Setup: After the installation is complete, your Mac will restart. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up macOS, including your Apple ID, Wi-Fi, and other preferences.

What Happens After Factory Reset MacBook Air?

A factory reset on a MacBook Air deletes all user data and settings, resetting the device to its original differently setup. During this process, the device’s personal files, documents, and programs are deleted, and its default settings are restored. Before doing a factory reset, make a backup of any important data.

When finished, the MacBook Air restarts and guides the user through the basic setup process, such as language selection, Wi-Fi settings, and Apple ID login. The macOS operating system is restored, providing a clean start. Users must reinstall software and restore any properly backed-up data.

A factory reset can be used to fix software problems, delete personal information before selling or giving away a laptop, or just provide a blank slate for a new user. But be careful because a factory reset is permanent and erases all data from the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Can a MacBook be tracked after a factory reset?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to track a MacBook even after a factory reset. Some hardware IDs and included functions may leave traces.

How does “Find My” work on a MacBook?

Ans: “Find My” uses iCloud connection and WiFi connectivity to find a device’s location.

Ques: How can I protect my data before doing a factory reset?

Ans: Back up any important files to an external device or cloud storage before doing a factory reset. This makes sure that you have a backup of your files in case they need to be recovered later.

Ques: Can I track my MacBook if I didn’t set up tracking features before the factory reset?

Ans: After the factory reset, the options for tracking the device may be limited if you did not enable tracking tools like Find My Mac or iCloud Activation Lock. To improve your chances of recovery, it is important to install all of this in advance.

Ques: Can a Factory Reset Erase Everything?

Ans: Yes, a factory reset will delete everything. It deletes every app, document, or settings you have added.

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There is an answer to the question of whether a Macbook can be tracked after a factory reset. Yes, but only in a few cases. The chances of successful tracing after a factory reset are low, requiring expertise and resources.

It is not a guarantee that your device will become untraceable. permanent identifiers, firmware parts, and Apple’s safety features may enable tracking even after a reset.

To maintain the highest level of privacy and security It’s important to take steps to avoid problems, like using a strong Apple ID password, activating two-factor authentication, and keeping a record of your MacBook’s identifiers, to ensure maximum privacy and security.

We hope you have gotten your answer on Can a Macbook be tracked after factory reset? if you have any issues or questions please comment below.

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