[ 2023 ] Can I Upload Facebook Reels on MacBook? A Comprehensive Guide

A common method of sharing brief, interesting videos on Facebook is through Facebook Reels. Reels allow users to create and share quick, fun videos with their followers, just like other short-form video content. Can I upload Facebook Reels on MacBook? This is a question that comes up for MacBook owners. We explore the options and provide complete instructions in this detailed guide.

What are Facebook Reels?

Facebook Reels give users a dynamic platform to make short films of 60 seconds or less that promote the making of interesting and original content. Users may quickly increase the visual appeal and entertainment value of their videos by adding text, music, effects, and other creative elements into their Reels.

What are Facebook Reels

Makers can quickly reach a big audience within the active Facebook community by sharing Reels with friends and followers. By supporting knowledge sharing and creative expression, the feature promotes connectivity and engagement inside the Facebook network.

Can I Upload Facebook Reels on MacBook?

Yes, you can upload Facebook Reels on your MacBook. Below we share the easiest method to upload Facebook reels on MacBook by using  Creator Studio.

Using the Creator Studio platform, publishers and creators have easy control over posts, insights, and messages from any Facebook page. This application helps you schedule, manage, and post to Facebook and Instagram together. Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Open Creator Studio on your MacBook.

Open Creator Studio on your MacBook. (1)

Step 2: Select the Facebook Page you want to post the Reel on.

Select the Facebook Page you want to post the Reel on.

Step 3: Click on the Create Post button.

Click on the Create Post button.

Step 4: Select Reel from the options.

Step 5: Upload the video you want to post as a Reel.

Select the Facebook Page you want to post the Reel on. (1)

Step 6: Add a description to your Reel.

Add a description to your Reel.

Step 7: Click on the publish button to post your Reel.

Click on the publish button to post your Reel.

Note: Reels’ technical specifications vary according to the device being used. Reels on Apple (iOS) can run anywhere from 3 to ninety seconds, using a 9:16 aspect ratio. The video file should be in the MP4 format and have a minimum resolution of 1080P, usually 4K, if at all possible. The Reel’s content should follow Facebook, Instagram, and Meta community guidelines with Meta’s data policy.

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What are the requirements for Facebook Reels?

The following content requirements and technological specifications must be fulfilled to post a reel to Facebook:

Video specifications:

  • The video format should be in .mp4.
  • The recommended resolution is 1080p.
  • The maximum duration of the video is 90 seconds.
  • The recommended aspect ratio is 9:16.
  • The recommended video codec is H.264 or H.265.
  • The recommended frame rate is between 24FPS and 60FPS.
  • The recommended chroma subsampling is 4:2:0.
  • The recommended audio codec is AAC Low Complexity.
  • The recommended audio bitrate is 128kbs+.
  • The recommended sample rate is 44.1kHz or 48kHz.

Content requirements:

  • The content must follow the terms of use, community standards, and privacy policy of Facebook.
  • Kindly note that videos uploaded through Facebook’s Reels option must be 30 seconds or less, follow Facebook’s community guidelines, and be posted through Facebook.

What is the maximum length of a Facebook Reel?

Facebook Reels can now last up to 90 seconds, instead of the previous 60 seconds. This gives users more time to create original and engaging material for their audience.

Meta Business Suite and Creator Studio are your two choices if you’d like to create Facebook Reels on a desktop computer.

Can you upload reels from the desktop?

Yes, you may use your PC to upload Facebook Reels. To upload your reels, use Meta Business Suite or Creator Studio. If you would prefer to use Creator Studio, follow the instructions in my previous heading.

Can I edit my reel after uploading it?

My research indicates that once a reel is uploaded to Facebook, it cannot be edited. After posting the reel, you can still change its placement, caption, and cover.

After uploading your reel to Instagram, you may alter it by selecting the “Edit” option to modify the cover photo and caption. Regretfully, Instagram does not yet offer an editing feature for previously posted Instagram Reels.

However, there are a few workarounds that allow you to alter the reel’s content after it has been uploaded on Instagram. You have the option to go in and edit the video by deleting the reel and saving it as a draught at the same time.

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It is very easy to upload Facebook reels on your MacBook. We have explained to you step by step how you can easily upload Facebook reels on MacBook. We hope that you liked our article. If you are facing any problems in uploading Facebook Reels, then let us know by commenting.

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