Can You Charge Apple Pencil with iPhone in 2023? { Easy Steps }

Have you ever wondered if you can charge an Apple Pencil with an iPhone? If yes, then I am going to answer your question in this post. We all know that Apple Pencil is mostly used for drawing, sketching, and other art-related work. But sometimes what happens is that our Apple pencil gets discharged.

So we charge it with the help of our iPad. What happened one day was that I didn’t have my iPad with me, so I thought why not charge it with my phone, I thought it was possible that I could charge the pencil with my phone.

Then I did a lot of research and figured out how I could charge my Apple pencil with my phone. After that, I found many ways which is the most accurate and best way I am going to tell you today. If you also want to charge your Apple pencil with a phone, then read this article carefully.

Can You Charge Apple Pencil with iPhone Actually?

Yes, you can use your iPhone to charge your Apple Pencil, but if you are thinking that you can charge the Apple Pencil directly from the iPhone, then it is not possible because iPhones and Apple Pencil have different connectors and charging processes for charging.

  • If you have an iPad with a first-generation Apple Pencil, you can charge your pencil with an iPhone by connecting it to a Lightning connection.
  • If you have a second-generation Apple Pencil, you can charge your Pencil with the help of a phone using wireless charging by connecting it magnetically using the side of your iPad or iPad Pro.

These two methods are the easiest and most helpful for you. Apple does not advise or allow you to charge the Apple Pencil with an iPhone, and the device may be damaged if you do so. I have a first-generation Apple Pencil which I have charged through my phone with the help of a Lightning connection, so you can also use these methods easily.

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How to Charge Apple Pencil Gen 1 Without iPad?

Easy-to-follow steps can be given for charging an Apple Pencil with an iPhone. When trying to charge the Apple Pencil with an iPhone, it’s important to take note of the generation of the device.

How to Charge Apple Pencil Gen 1 Without iPad

A first-generation Apple Pencil can be charged using an iPhone in the following ways:

Step 1: Access the ‘Today View’

To view the “Today View,” swipe right from the iPad home screen.

Step 2: Check the Batteries Widget Menu

How to Charge Apple Pencil Gen 1 Without iPad (2)

You will find the Batteries widget in the “Today View.” Its battery level and charging status, and also knowing that it is currently connected and charging, will all be displayed in this widget. You may add the Apple Pencil to your sidebar by clicking “Edit” if you can’t see it.

Also, your iPad’s lock screen will show a notification that says “Apple Pencil Charging” when you connect your Apple Pencil to your iPhone for charging.

How to Charge Apple Pencil Gen 2 Without iPad?

You can use the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter that comes in the box to charge the second-generation Apple Pencil without an iPad. After connecting the adapter to the Lightning cable, plug it into a USB power source.

Then connect the Apple Pencil’s magnetic end to the female Lightning connector of the adaptor. The adapter and USB power supply will be used to charge the pencil.

Or you can use a USB-C power adapter that is compatible to charge it. For 100% accurate charging, keep away from using non-Apple adapters. When paired, the Pencil’s indication can be seen on the iPad’s Today View or in the Batteries widget.

How to Connect Apple Pencil to iPhone 13?

Check that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are activated if you want to connect your Apple Pencil to an iPhone 13. Your Apple Pencil should be plugged into the Lightning connector on the bottom of your iPhone 13 when the cap is removed.

On the screen of your iPhone, a pairing request will show. To make a connection, tap “Pair”. Or you can magnetically connect your Apple Pencil 2nd generation to the side of your iPhone 13 if you have one. Via Bluetooth, the device will automatically pair.

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How to Connect Apple Pencil to iPad?

To connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad, follow these steps:

  • The lighting output can be seen when holding your Apple Pencil and removing the back cap.
  • Use the same lightning connector on your iPad that you use for charging to connect the Apple Pencil. Needs an adaptor from
  • USB-C to Apple Pencil if you want to pair it with the 10th-generation iPad.
  • On the iPad screen, there will be a pop-up box. For the pair to finish connecting, tap “Pair”.

It’s now connected and you can start using your Apple Pencil. Note that the connection continues until you restart your iPad, put it in Aeroplane mode, or pair it with another device. Use the previous steps to reconnect if necessary.

Average Battery life of an Apple Pencil

For up to three years, you won’t have to worry about the battery life of your Apple Pencil. Never allow it to get down to 0%, too. The battery’s life can be increased by keeping it between 20% and 90%.

My own has been trouble-free for 2.5 years. Because of how quickly it charges, the battery hasn’t deteriorated heavily. It is ensured by charging it within the advised range.

How Long Does the Apple Pencil Battery Last?

My Apple Pencils have different charging times depending on how often I use them. It usually lasts for several days before needs a charge. I put it on the top edge (for the new pencil) or plug it into my iPad when it runs low.

It charges fully in ten to fifteen minutes. Generally, the battery life of Apple Pencil 1 and Apple Pencil 2 is 12 hours if we use my pencil continuously.

Does the Apple Pencil Work with the iPhone?

Apple Pencil, both 1st and 2nd generation, is not compatible with iPhones. The pencil relies on specific hardware beneath the iPad’s display, which iPhones lack. Originally designed for the iPad Pro, this technology has been extended to select iPad models.

Moreover, the pencil’s size isn’t suitable for iPhones. If Apple intended iPhone compatibility, they would likely create a smaller version of the Apple Pencil. Currently, its functionality remains exclusive to certain iPads due to the necessary hardware configurations.

How to know if Apple Pencil is charging?

Add the battery widget to your lock screen notification screen to keep track of the battery level of your iPad and its paired Apple Pencil. Find the widget by scrolling to the bottom of the list and selecting Edit.

For the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, when attached to the side of your iPad, the battery percentage will appear in a bubble at the top of your screen. This convenient feature keeps you informed about your device’s power levels at a glance.

How Much Time Does It Take to Charge an Apple Pencil?

An Apple Pencil normally takes 30 minutes to charge, but you do not need to wait until it is fully charged before using it. About thirty minutes of use can be obtained with just fifteen seconds of charging. Users who need short periods of power without a full charge will find it helpful because you have the freedom to stop the charging process at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Can I charge my Apple Pencil with my iPhone?

Ans: No, your iPhone cannot be used to directly charge your Apple Pencil. There is no direct charging system that is compatible with both the Apple Pencil and the iPhone.

Ques: How long does it take to charge the Apple Pencil fully?

Ans: It normally takes 15 to 30 minutes to fully charge the Apple Pencil, which then lasts up to 12 hours of continuous use. But depending on the Apple Pencil’s current battery level, the precise charging time may change.

Ques: Can I use a wireless charger to charge my Apple Pencil?

Ans: The Apple Pencil is not compatible with wireless charging, sorry. To charge, there needs to be a physical connection made via the Lightning connector.


One simple way to charge the first-generation Apple Pencil is to use your iPhone. But second-generation Apple Pencils cannot be used in this way.

But no matter which charging method you choose, Apple Pencils charge very quickly, offering durability. You will get hours of work when you charge with an iPhone or another device.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please use the comment box below if you have more questions about this topic.

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