Can You Track Airtag Miles Away? ( Full Guide 2023 )

Apple always comes up with some of the best things for its users from time to time. The app was launched in 2021. Many people keep their things like bikes, bags, purses, etc. in the neck of their pets so that they can know what their location is. I always use my AirTag in-bag keychain.

Sometimes we forget all these things or they are stolen, then we will know with the help of the AirTag what is their exact location. If you also use AirTag, then people will also have this question in their mind or you may want to know “Can You Track AirTag Miles Away?

Today we are going to discuss in this post how the Airtag works, the battery life of the Airtag how far can you track an Apple AirTag, and the range of the Airtag, so read the article carefully.

How Airtags Work?

AirTags connect to Apple’s Find My network. This means that if an AirTag is within Bluetooth range of an iPhone or any Apple device, it can pair quietly with that device, helping you locate both the AirTag and the item to which it is connected.

Once connected to your Apple ID, the AirTag will appear in the Find My app on your iPhone. It is interesting to note that each AirTag can only be connected to a single ID, denying family members from sharing.

If you offer something with an AirTag to someone else, you can temporarily disable safety alerts in your phone’s Find My app. This feature provides convenience and usability in some common settings.

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Can You Track Airtag Miles Away Actually?

Apple AirTags are a small tracking device designed to help you find lost or forgotten items of the logo. You can connect it to your iPhone via Bluetooth technology and find the location of your things.

The range of an Apple AirTag varies based on several factors, including the strength of the Bluetooth signal, interruptions, and the presence of other Apple devices.

You won’t be able to track your AirTag directly via the Bluetooth connection on your iPhone if it’s kilometers distant from you. The “Find My Network” work, still on AirTags can help to increase their range. If someone else with an Apple device comes into contact with your lost AirTag, even if they are miles away, their device can secretly share the location information back to you using the Find My app.

How far can you track an AirTag?

An AirTag can normally be tracked within a range of around 100-200 feet (30-60 meters) under best situations. The environment still may change this range.

The range may be greatly reduced if there are blocks like walls or buildings. If there are any other Apple devices in the area, they could be able to increase the range of your iPhone by transmitting location data.

How accurate is AirTag location?

An AirTag’s accuracy depends on the presence of nearby iOS devices, like iPhones and iPads that are online. These devices catch the Bluetooth signal that an AirTag produces helping in finding the AirTag’s location. The Apple Cloud or the Find My network then receives this information.

To keep their battery life, AirTags don’t always produce signals. Actually, they regularly send signals, generally every 3 to 15 minutes. While following people or continually moving things is not the main purpose of AirTags, they are very successful at finding stationary objects.

AirTags are useful in situations like these, like when you’ve left your bag at the library and are confused if it’s still there or when wondering if you left your wallet at home.

You can switch to Ultra-Wideband technology when you are near an AirTag. By giving current data including direction and distance indicators between your iPhone and the AirTag, this improves the accuracy and speed of the tracking process.

How long AirTag Battery Life?

An AirTag’s battery life normally lasts about a year, depending on usage. This little monitoring device was created for long-term dependability in tracking your items.

It is easy to maintain because it is powered by a user-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery.

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How often does AirTag update its location?

AirTags do not store location data, iPhones are used to track them. A connection is created when an iPhone tackles an AirTag (typically within the Bluetooth LE range of roughly 100 feet).

The AirTag’s unique ID is then sent to the iPhone, which connects this information to the Find My network along with its own location. You can find your stuff thanks to the combination of AirTags and iPhones.

The AirTag works as a silent beacon, and your iPhone performs the heavy lifting in keeping you connected to your belongings and their whereabouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Can You Track Airtag Miles Away?

Ans: If an AirTag is miles away, it cannot be tracked directly, but it can be tracked by Apple’s Find My network if another Apple device comes into range.

Ques: What’s the Range of an AirTag?

Ans: The normal range is 100-200 feet, but this can vary depending on situations such as walls and the presence of other Apple devices.

Ques: How Often Does an AirTag Transmit Location?

Ans: AirTags send out signals From time to time., generally every 3-15 minutes.

Ques: What’s the Battery Life of an AirTag?

Ans: The battery typically lasts about a year, depending on usage.


When it comes to finding lost objects quickly, AirTags are fantastic, but it can be difficult to discover them miles away. The proximity of other Apple devices is crucial to their tracking abilities.

In a well-crowded urban area, you might be fortunate and be able to monitor your AirTag from miles away, but as you travel to more remote areas, it gets harder. But AirTags continue to be a useful method of tracking your things and giving you that piece of mind. i hope you clear all your queries related to this topic please comment below for any questions or suggestions.

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