Can You Wear AirPods With a Daith Piercing? 6 Highly Effective Tips

A lot of people don’t know how to properly care for complicated piercings like the daith, so carelessness is common with them. Some people ignore piercers’ instructions and use jewelry, headphones, and earphones, which highly slows the healing process.

The use of earphones or Airpods with Pierced ears is troubling. It is helpful to stay away from them until the piercing is totally healed for your health and well-being. High pressure from Airpods can cause discomfort, swelling, redness, and discharge. Even while our generation enjoys listening to music when working with many activities, not properly caring for a pierced ear can have serious effects because of its sensitivity.

Can you wear Airpods with a daith piercing? Yes, but check that your earrings don’t obstruct them. To avoid infection, wait for the piercing to heal completely before using earphones. The risks, precautions, and best earphones for newly pierced daith or tragus piercings are discussed in this article.

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What Is a Daith Piercing?

A daith piercing, a type of cartilage piercing, is located right above the ear canal opening within the inner curving fold. The word ‘daith’ comes from Jewish culture and translates to ‘knowledge’ or ‘knowing’ in English.

While daith piercings are sometimes connected with migraine treatment, probably because they can be used as massage locations, scientific proof supporting their efficacy is missing.

Regardless of their pain-relieving properties, Daith piercings have an enticing look. They can be worn alone and exude effortless elegance, or they can be a striking addition to a well-designed ear arrangement.

Can You Wear AirPods With a Daith Piercing?

To expedite the healing of your new piercing, it’s best to avoid earbuds until it’s sufficiently healed, typically 2-4 weeks.

You can use rubber earbuds after one week of a daith piercing because they are softer than Apple Airpods and have a more suitable domed cone shape.

Earbuds vary in fit and material, so what works for one may not for another. If you have a daith piercing, you should avoid using electronic ear devices because they can slow healing and cause problems. If you must listen to music, choose soft silicone-tipped earphones that won’t put strain on the piercing.

For Apple Airpods, consider the Airpods Pro 2nd generation, offering multiple silicon tip sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) to suit your ear canal.

Tips for Wearing Earbuds with a Daith or Tragus Piercing and Staying Safe

If you wear earbuds with a Daith or Tragus piercing, take the following precautions:

1. Wait for the Healing Process:

Wait for the Healing Process

Daith and tragus piercings normally take several months to heal, but this can vary. Until your piercings are completely healed, you must stay away from wearing earbuds. This reduces the chance of irritation and infection.

2. Avoid Sleeping with Earbuds:

Avoid Sleeping with Earbuds

Sleeping with earbuds is risky even for people without piercings, and it is more dangerous if you have a daith or tragus piercing. Earbuds that are used during sleeping may become loose and give pain.

Before going to bed, you need to remove your earbuds because putting them on all night can be painful and uncomfortable.

3. Clean Your Earbuds:

Clean Your Earbuds

Check that your earbuds are clean before using them. Remove the silicone tips, wash them carefully, dry them with a blow dryer or paper towel, and then reconnect. Clean the wires on the earphones with a brush, then sanitize them with cotton balls coated in rubbing alcohol.

Be careful not to overwet the cotton balls as this could cause moisture to leak into the earbuds’ inner workings and damage their hygienic and functional qualities.

4. Insert Earbuds Carefully:

Insert Earbuds Carefully (1)

Insert earphones lightly and avoid pushing them too deep into your ear canal. Check that they are not contacting or pressing against your daith or tragus jewelry.

5. Take Breaks:

Take Breaks

Using earbuds for a long period of time can cause pressure on your piercing, creating discomfort as well as possible swelling and irritation.

Avoid earbud use and take them out as soon as you feel any pain or discomfort to protect your piercing and avoid hearing loss. This proactive technique protects your long-term hearing health along with the quality of your body jewelry.

6. Choose Earbuds with a Comfortable Design:

earbuds with soft tips

Select earbuds with soft tips that won’t put too much pressure on your piercings and have been properly created for comfort. For a secure but comfortable fit, look for choices with adjustable ear tips.

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How Long Does a Daith Piercing Take to Heal?

Usually, it takes 3 to 6 months for a daith piercing to recover. Recovery times just can vary from person to person. It’s important to keep to the necessary care advice given by your piercer throughout the early healing phase.

This includes cleaning the piercing with a saltwater solution on a regular basis, avoiding touching the piercing with unwashed hands, and not swimming in pools or hot tubs during the healing process.

To avoid the risk of irritation or illness, be careful when changing or adjusting jewelry. If you have worries about the healing process or are experiencing strange symptoms, seek advice from an experienced piercer or a healthcare expert.

How Can You Know if Your Daith Piercing is Rejected?

  1. The jewelry can be seen through the skin.
  2. The pierced hole getting bigger.
  3. Persistent soreness, redness, irritation, or dryness beyond the initial healing period.
  4. Alteration in the jewelry’s position or hanging appearance.
  5. Increased visibility of the jewelry on the outer side of the piercing.

Diffrence Between Daith and Tragus Piercings

Diffrence Between Daith and Tragus Piercings

Daith and tragus piercings are two types of ear piercings that are set in different parts of the ear. It is important to understand the following two ear-piercing styles:

1. Daith Piercing:

A daith piercing goes through a fold of cartilage in the ear and is located on the inner cartilage. Because of its unique spot, which is more hidden, it is a popular choice among piercing lovers.

2. Tragus Piercing:

The tragus is a small, thick piece of cartilage located right in front of the ear canal. A tragus piercing is the process of puncturing this cartilage to try to create an attractive design.

Is a Daith Piercing Painful?

Daith piercing is not the most painful piercing, daith piercings can still be uncomfortable in different ways. Everybody feels pain differently, but many people describe a serious, sharp sensation during the process.

The discomfort could last longer because the procedure itself takes longer roughly 6 to 9 seconds. Most people normally experience a long-term, dull, and painful discomfort for a few days after getting their daith pierced. The daith piercing may continue to be sensitive to touch for several months.

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What Types of Earrings Can Be Used for Daith Piercing?

The best recommends ring-style options like as hoops, heart-shaped rings, and captive bead hoops as good choices for daith jewelry. Below we provided some of the most popular options:

1. Barbell: For daith piercings, a curved barbell is most suitable. One of the balls on the ends of this metal bar, which like a real barbell weight, can be removed to make it easier to insert the bar through the piercing.

Barbell Earrings

2. Hoops: Hoops have become popular for daith piercings because they tightly surround the cartilage and provide a lot of styling options.


3. Clicker Earring: These hoop-style earrings include a useful clicking mechanism that springs open for simple putting on and taking off. They’re best for beginners.

Clicker Earring:

4. Captive Bead Ring (CBR): A CBR is a basic but stylish pair of circular hoop earrings with a pearl hanging in the center.

Captive Bead Earrings

How to Change a Diath Piercing?

It is important to be patient and avoid touching your daith piercing until it has fully healed, which normally takes six to nine months. Experts advise waiting for jewelry removal for any cartilage piercings for at least 12 weeks for it to be safe.

Consider going back to the piercing salon for expert jewelry replacement for the best results. When you know how to handle it yourself, take care to wash down the area before and after. Only use freshly washed hands to touch the piercing if you want to maintain proper cleanliness for quick healing.

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It can be painful and difficult to manage wearing earbuds or Airpods just after getting a daith piercing. Waiting at least eight to nine months is important for a Daith piercing to recover.
Choose earbuds with silicon or rubber tips to avoid putting pressure on the healing area.  It is possible to enjoy music when wearing a tragus or daith piercing, but it requires careful thought and attention to your piercing’s healing process.
You can securely listen to your favorite music without damaging the health of your piercing by following the above advice and being careful with your jewelry and earbuds.

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