Does iPhone Have IR Blaster? Here’s the truth 2023

Using an IR blaster (or infrared blaster), you can use your smartphone as a universal remote. If you have a smartphone with an IR blaster, you can control all the remote-controlled devices from your phone.

If you have an iPhone and you have this question in your mind, Does iPhone Have IR Blaster? Is there an IR blaster for the iPhone?

You will find the answers to all these questions by reading this post. Today I am going to tell you whether there is an IR blaster in iPhones 6,7,8, X,11,13,14, and 15. So let’s find out together.

What is an IR blaster?

An IR blaster is an element that produces infrared signals in smartphones and other devices. These signals work as commands for many electrical devices like televisions, air conditioners, and even cameras.

Using the IR blaster we can control televisions, air conditioners, music systems, and other devices. Have trouble using different remotes for your electronic devices So it’s quite easy to use a device like a smartphone instead of a separate remote.

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Does iPhone Have IR Blaster Actually?

iPhones do not have an IR (Infrared) blaster. The IR blaster is a component that allows a device to communicate with other devices using an infrared signal.

We all know iPhones are loaded with various modern technologies and the foot IR blaster is not one of them.

So, if you want your iPhone to control your home electronics such as TVs, DVD players, and air conditioners, then you will have to buy an external blaster from online stores like Amazon and Flipkart with the help of which you will be able to do these things easily.

Does iPhone 15 have IR blaster?

No, the IR blaster does not come with the iPhone 15. If you want to use your iPhone 15 as a remote control you’ll need a third-party device that’s connected to your iPhone 15 either through a Lightning connection or Bluetooth. After that, you can do it remotely from your phone.

Does iPhone 14 have IR blaster?

Infrared (IR) blasters are not available on the iPhone 14. Apple does not offer this capability in any of its iPhone models. Because of this, you cannot use the iPhone 14 as a standard global remote control for devices that use IR signals.

Does iPhone 13 have IR blaster?

The iPhone 13 is without an IR blaster feature, so it’s impossible to use as a universal remote control for IR-enabled devices like TVs, DVD players, air conditioners, and other electronics.

Does iPhone 12 have IR blaster?

There is no IR (Infrared) blaster on the iPhone 12. This feature has not been on Apple’s iPhones for some time. Apple instead uses its own infrared-based Face ID for facial identification together with technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for device control. Users who still want IR blaster features may need to look at other smartphone.

Does iPhone 11 have IR blaster?

No, the iPhone 11 does not have an IR blaster. This feature is not available on the iPhone 11, which launched in 2019. IR blasters are a feature that some Android smartphones have, but Apple has not added them to any of its iPhone models.

Does iPhone X have IR blaster?

No, the iPhone X does not have an IR blaster. You will need to look for different methods, like third-party accessories or apps that use external hardware if you want to control infrared devices with your iPhone X.

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Which iPhones have IR blaster?

An Infrared (IR) blaster was never a feature of an iPhone device. Since the iPhone 6 series, Apple stopped including IR blasters in their smartphones.

Some previous Android phones have a function called the IR blaster that allows users to control other IR devices like TVs and device remote controls.

Apple, on the other hand, decided against including this capability in their iPhones and instead chose to concentrate on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for device communication and control.

Does iPad have an IR blaster?

No, iPads do not have an Infrared (IR) blaster. IR blasters are not a feature of any mobile devices made by Apple.

Apple did not include this technology in their iPads, like other older Android tablets and smartphones that have IR blasters that allow users to operate infrared devices like TVs and air conditioners.

Why iPhones don’t have an IR blaster?

There are many reasons why Apple did not include an IR blaster in iPhones:

1. Slow file transfers at very close range:

Bluetooth, which is available on iPhones and most other smartphones, provides faster file transfer speeds and more range than Infrared (IR).

2. Push media to your TV:

iPhones support AirPlay, which allows users to easily broadcast entertainment to Apple TV. While other manufacturers have Smart TVs, Apple’s ecosystem offers seamless interoperability with its products.

3. Work as a remote for your Smart TV:

iPhones have the Remote app, which can be used as a remote control for Apple TV, increasing user simple and comfort in the Apple ecosystem.

4. Taking up valuable internal space in smartphone hardware:

The use of IR technology in smartphones takes up important internal space that could be used for better features like NFC, 3D Touch, greater battery capacity, or creating a smaller phone design all of which are concerns for Apple and many other smartphone manufacturers.

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Without an IR blaster, how can I use my iPhone as a remote?

If your iPhone doesn’t have an IR blaster for controlling infrared devices like TVs, air conditioners, and DVD players, you can still use your iPhone as a remote control for compatible devices using the following methods:

1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

Many new smart devices use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone. These wireless connections, for example, can operate smart TVs, streaming devices like Apple TV, smart home appliances, and some music systems.

Check that your iPhone and the product you want to manage are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or are Bluetooth-paired, and then use the proper apps or built-in functions on your iPhone to control them.

2. Universal Remote Apps:

On the App Store, there are many universal remote control apps that can control devices by Wi-Fi. These apps need a Wi-Fi-enabled hub that connects with your devices by infrared, radio frequency, or Bluetooth signals. Logitech Harmony Hub and apps that operate with BroadLink devices are two examples.

3. HomeKit:

You can use the Apple Home app to control HomeKit-compatible smart home devices. This includes lighting, thermostats, smart plugs, and other devices. HomeKit connects via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and can be set up and controlled simply from your iPhone.

4. Infrared Adapter:

If you absolutely must control infrared devices and your iPhone doesn’t have an IR blaster, you can purchase an external infrared adaptor that connects to your iPhone’s lightning connection.

These adapters usually come with connected apps that allow you to control many infrared devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is an IR Blaster, and why is it important for a smartphone?

Ans: An IR Blaster is a component of hardware that allows a smartphone to operate devices like TVs, air conditioners, and DVD players. It works as a universal remote.

Ques: Can I use my iPhone as a remote control for my TV or other appliances without an IR Blaster?

Ans: Yes, you can use your iPhone as a remote control for the devices you own by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-based apps or smart home devices.

Ques: Do Android smartphones have IR Blasters?

Ans: IR Blasters are a common feature in modern Android smartphones, but exact Android devices, mainly older versions.

Ques: Which iPhones do not have an IR blaster?

Ans: All iPhone models, including the latest ones, do not have an IR blaster.

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As of the most recent models, iPhones do not have inbuilt IR blasters. so you cannot use your iPhone as a universal remote for controlling devices like TVs, air conditioners, or music systems out of the box.

But for those who want this feature, there are third-party options in the form of external IR blasters that can be connected to the iPhone’s headphone jack.

With the help of these extensions, people can make their iPhones into working remote controllers, which offers the merging of multiple remotes into one smart device.

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