How to Find SSID on iPhone? ( Easy Steps 2023 )

Are you trying to find your iPhone’s SSID? I’ll explain how to find SSID on iPhone in this article. An SSID, or Service Set Identifier, is a name used to identify a wireless network. To discover the SSIDs of nearby WiFi networks, open the Settings app on your iPhone and choose WiFi.

I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions and show how to change the SSID of your iPhone hotspot.” Continue reading to learn what an SSID is and how to use your iPhone to find the SSIDs of nearby WiFi networks!

How to Find SSID on iPhone?

As was previously said, SSID is the technical name for a network name that routers and other network equipment broadcast to make connections easy for users and their devices nearby.

For the SSID, manufacturers frequently use their brand name followed by a string of characters and numbers. On the other hand, users can customise this identity when configuring the router.

To find the SSID on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app.

Open the Settings app.

  • Tap Wi-Fi.

Tap Wi-Fi.

  • A list of available networks, including SSIDs, will appear. Identify your desired network and connect with ease.

A list of available networks, including SSIDs, will appear.

An unidentified network may have its SSID broadcast turned off. No need to worry; simply tap Other, and type the name (SSID), security information, and password. A comforting blue checkmark will indicate that the connection was successful.

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How Can I Find My Hotspot’s SSID?

The Networks app in a device’s settings should show your WiFi network. On a Mac, the SSID is available through the Apple ID section of the Settings app. Simply hover over your home network, and select the “Show Password” checkbox. This ‘Mobile Hotspot,’ or SSID, can be found at the rear of your iPhone.

After verifying which network you are in, go to the Admin Page and start the transformation process. Customise your network to your preferences.

Change your SSID from “personal hotspot” to something more memorable if you’re feeling adventurous. The decision to employ special passwords or rename your iPhone is entirely up to you. Put some thought and meaning into the naming of your hotspot.”

Quick Steps to Follow:

To find the SSID of your iPhone’s hotspot, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app.

Open the Settings app.

  • Tap Personal Hotspot.

tap personal hotspot

  • You will see the name of your hotspot, which is the SSID

You will see the name of your hotspot, which is the SSID

Why is Finding SSIDs Important?

Finding SSIDs helps one to locate and connect to a specific Wi-Fi network. An SSID is the unique private identification that defines your Wi-Fi network from nearby networks.

In addition to addressing some security issues, coming up with a distinctive SSID makes it simpler for you and your visitors to locate your network.

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What is the difference between a Wi-Fi network and an SSID?

The technical word for the name of a Wi-Fi network is an SSID (Service Set Identifier). One wireless network can be distinguished from another using this special identification1. An SSID is case-sensitive and has a maximum character limit of 32.

Wi-Fi networks, on the other hand, are wireless networks that link devices to the internet and one another via radio waves. It is an assortment of wireless networking equipment that has the same SSID and other characteristics.

Can two networks have the same SSID?

The answer is that two networks may share an SSID. Your device won’t need to add any additional networks if two Wi-Fi networks share the same SSID and password, allowing you to connect to any of them. But depending on the device, different predicted behaviours will occur if both routers are transmitting from the same place.

Certain devices, for instance, will connect to the router with the strongest signal, while other devices will just connect to the first router they “see.”

You can also extend the range of your Wi-Fi network by using the same SSID on both routers. To manage the network, one router must be set up, and the other must serve as a bridge to the main router.

Can I connect to two different SSIDs at once?

Due to the single wireless interface on most devices, it is not possible to connect to two separate SSIDs at the same time. There are, nevertheless, a few workarounds you can attempt.

To connect to several wireless devices, for instance, you can utilise a Wi-Fi router. Managing several SSIDs in a single wireless network can also be accomplished by using a multi-SSID configuration on a wireless access point or router.

A software programme like Speedify can be used to connect to two separate Wi-Fi networks at once. You may create a faster and more dependable connection by merging many Wi-Fi connections with this programme.

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Finding the SSID on an iPhone is a simple process. Using the Wi-Fi settings on their device, users can easily locate the SSID. By going to the Settings app, selecting Wi-Fi, and then selecting the connected network, it is simple to find the SSID and other network details. I hope you like our post please comment below.

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