How to Activate 0.5 Zoom on iPhone X in 2023? ( Easy Steps )

Are you tired of always adjusting the zoom settings on your iPhone X and Would you like to record larger scenes in your photos and videos? no worry, If you have an iPhone X, you’re in luck because learning how to use the 0.5x zoom will improve your photographic skills.

Making the most of the photography features on your iPhone X will be easy by following the detailed instructions in this comprehensive guide.

What is 0.5 Zoom?

The iPhone X has a feature called 0.5 zoom that allows you to reduce the screen’s magnification, which makes everything appear smaller. People with visual impairments or those who simply prefer a different zoom level may find this feature useful.

Why Should You Use 0.5x Zoom?

You may be wondering why 0.5x Zoom is necessary. There are a few reasons Why should you use 0.5x zoom:

  1. Increased Readability: Small text becomes more readable, making articles, messages, and notifications easier to read.
  2. Enhanced Viewing: You can see more details in images and videos without looking down or manually zooming in.
  3. Accessibility: People with vision disabilities can use this feature to make the iPhone X more usable.
  4. Reduced Eye Strain: By extending the content, you can reduce eye strain, mainly when using the computer for a long period of time.

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How to Activate 0.5 Zoom on iPhone X? Step-by-Step Guide 

To get 0.5 zoom on iPhone x, follow these steps:

Method 1: Activate 0.5 Zoom on iPhone by Camera App

Use the built-in Camera app’s zoom function to turn on a 0.5x zoom on an iPhone X. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Open the Camera App

Find the Camera app icon on your home screen after unlocking your iPhone X. It has a lens-like look. To open the Camera app, simply tap on it.

Open the Camera App in iphone x

Step 2. Access the Zoom Feature

There are many options and icons at the bottom of the Camera app. Search for the “1x” icon, which is typically located close to the shutter button, to activate the zoom feature. Touch it.

Access the Zoom Feature

Step 3. Activate 0.5x Zoom

By tapping the “1x” icon, you can choose between the 1x, 2x, and 0.5x zoom levels. Simply tap the “0.5x” option to turn on the 0.5x zoom. The wider view will be immediately apparent in your camera preview.

Activate 0.5x Zoom

Method 2: Activate 0.5 Zoom on iPhone by Settings

You can use the settings app to turn on a 0.5x zoom on an iPhone X. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Open the Settings

To start, unlock your iPhone X find the “Settings” app on your home screen, and open the Settings menu.

Open the Settings

Step 2. Scroll and Tap on “Accessibility”

In the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the “Accessibility” option. You can adjust the zoom level and other accessibility options here.

Scroll and Tap on "Accessibility"

Step 3. Tap on “Zoom”

In the Accessibility menu, select “Zoom.” This will take you to the zoom settings, where you can change the level of zoom.

Tap on Zoom (1)

Step 4. Enable Zoom

Turn the switch next to “Zoom” to activate the feature. When activated, your screen will slightly zoom in.

Tap on Zoom (1)

Step 5. Adjust the Zoom Level

Use a two-finger pinch move on the screen to set the zoom level to 0.5. Pinch your fingers together to bring the zoom level down to 0.5. Find the zoom level that best suits your needs by trying with various zoom levels.

Step 6. Zoom Controller

You can also use the Zoom Controller, which shows on your screen when Zoom is enabled and is a small floating circle with zoom controls. The zoom level can be easily changed using this controller.

Adjust the Zoom Level

Phone X Camera Zoom

2x optical and 0.5x zoom are the two levels of zoom available on the iPhone X. Zooming in and out when taking photos is important. It’s important to keep in mind that the 2x optical zoom is equally helpful when we have just discussed how to use the 0.5x zoom. You can get closer to your subject with it without reducing image quality.

Follow the same steps as for 0.5x zoom, but slide the zoom control to the right to change to 2x optical zoom. Try both zoom levels to see which one suits your shot the best.

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Tips and Tricks for Better 0.5x Zoom Shots

Now that you’ve learned how to enable 0.5x zoom on your iPhone X, let’s look at some tips and tricks for making the best use of this feature:

1. Steady Hands:

While the iPhone X features image stabilization, it is still essential to keep your hands constant when taking photos, especially in low-light situations.

2. Natural Lighting:

Use natural lighting to improve your wide-angle shots at all times. Beautiful pictures could be created by outdoor scenes with a flood of sunlight.

3. Composition:

Pay attention to the composition of your photographs. Use the following paths, the rule of thirds, and other photographic techniques to make good pictures.

4. Edit with Care:

After taking your 0.5x zoom photos, consider using editing apps to fine-tune them. you can use brightness, contrast, and colors to make your photos attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the difference between 0.5 and 1.0 zoom on iPhone X?

Ans: The main difference is the level of magnification. 0.5 Zoom magnifies the screen to half its normal size, and 1.0 Zoom doubles the size of everything on your screen. You can select the level that best complies with your needs.

Ques: Can I use 0.5 Zoom for all apps?

Ans: In most cases, yes but some apps may not display correctly with 0.5 Zoom. You can disable Zoom for specific apps if needed.

Ques: Is 0.5 zoom available on other iPhone models?

Ans: 0.5 Zoom is available on iPhone models that support iOS 13 and later ( iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and newer models )

Ques: Will using 0.5 zooms affect my battery life?

Ans: Yes, using 0.5 Zoom will drain more battery power. You should use it carefully and turn it off when not in use for battery life.


If you have vision problems or simply want to make your smartphone more accessible, turning on iPhone X’s 0.5 Zoom feature can improve your user experience.

With the help of this feature, you can use it more easily and read more clearly when watching videos. So, friends, I try my best I hope this post helped you improve your photography skills.

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