How to Check iPhone Country in 2023 ( Easy Steps )

Do you want to know where your iPhone was made or which country it belongs to? You are not alone! Many iPhone users want to know about the history of their beloved devices.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to check the country of origin of your iPhone in simple steps. There is no technical way, just simple instructions that anyone can follow.

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How to Check iPhone Country? Step-by-Step

You can check the country of origin for an iPhone by looking at the model number or using the settings on the device:

Step 1: Unlock Your iPhone

Unlock Your iPhone

Check that your iPhone is unlocked and accessible.

Step 2: Open Settings

Open Settings

Tap on the “Settings” app icon on your iPhone’s home screen.

Step 3: Go to General

Go to General

Scroll down and tap on “General.”

Step 4: Select About

Select About

In the General menu, select “About.” You’ll find various details about your iPhone here.

Step 5: Find Model


In the “About” section, find and tap on “Model.” This will show your iPhone’s model number.

Step 6: Identify the Model Number

Your iPhone’s model number will be a combination of letters and numbers. For example, “A1865” is the model number for an iPhone X.

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List of Model Code and iPhone Origin Country

Here is a list of the country codes and the information about each one’s iPhone origin:

iPhone Country CodeiPhone Country of OriginExplanation
ACanadaiPhones for the Canadian market.
ABUAE, Saudi ArabiaiPhones for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
AEUAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi ArabiaiPhones for multiple Middle Eastern countries.
BGreat Britain or IrelandiPhones for the UK (Great Britain) or Ireland.
BZBraziliPhones for the Brazilian market.
C, VC, CLCanadaiPhones for Canada.
CHChinaiPhones for the Chinese market.
CNSlovakiaiPhones for Slovakia.
CZCzech RepubliciPhones for the Czech Republic.
DGermanyiPhones for Germany.
DNHolland, Austria, GermanyiPhones for the Netherlands, Austria, and Germany.
EMexicoiPhones for the Mexican market.
EEEstoniaiPhones for Estonia.
FFranceiPhones for France.
FBLuxembourgiPhones for Luxembourg.
FSFinlandiPhones for Finland.
FDLiechtenstein, Austria, SwitzerlandiPhones for Liechtenstein, Austria, and Switzerland.
GRGreeceiPhones for Greece.
HBIsraeliPhones for Israel.
HNIndiaiPhones for India.
IPItalyiPhones for Italy.
JJapaniPhones for Japan.
KHChina, South KoreaiPhones for both China and South Korea.
KNDenmark or NorwayiPhones for either Denmark or Norway.
KSFinland or SwedeniPhones for either Finland or Sweden.
LAPeru, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, El SalvadoriPhones for several Latin American countries.
LEArgentinaiPhones for Argentina.
LLUSAiPhones for the United States.
LPPolandiPhones for Poland.
LTLithuaniaiPhones for Lithuania.
LVLatviaiPhones for Latvia.
LZParaguay, ChileiPhones for Paraguay and Chile.
MGHungaryiPhones for Hungary.
MYMalaysiaiPhones for Malaysia.
NFLuxembourg, Belgium, FranceiPhones for Luxembourg, Belgium, and France.
PKFinland, PolandiPhones for Finland and Poland.
PLPolandiPhones for Poland.
PMPolandiPhones for Poland.
POPortugaliPhones for Portugal.
PPPhilippinesiPhones for the Philippines.
QLItaly, Spain, PortugaliPhones for Italy, Spain, and Portugal.
QNDenmark, Norway, Sweden, IcelandiPhones for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, or Iceland.
RKKazakhstaniPhones for Kazakhstan.
RMRussia or KazakhstaniPhones for either Russia or Kazakhstan.
RORomaniaiPhones for Romania.
RPRussiaiPhones for Russia.
RRRussiaiPhones for Russia.
RSRussiaiPhones for Russia.
RURussiaiPhones for Russia.
SESerbiaiPhones for Serbia.
SLSlovakiaiPhones for Slovakia.
SOSouth AfricaiPhones for South Africa.
SUUkraineiPhones for Ukraine.
TItalyiPhones for Italy.
TATaiwaniPhones for Taiwan.
TUTurkeyiPhones for Turkey.
UAUkraineiPhones for Ukraine.
XAustraliaiPhones for Australia.
XNew ZealandiPhones for New Zealand.
YSpainiPhones for Spain.
ZASingaporeiPhones for Singapore.
ZDGermany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, France, Switzerland, MonacoiPhones for several European countries.
ZPHong Kong, MacauiPhones for Hong Kong and Macau.

Alternative Methods to Check iPhone Belongs to Which Country:

Method 1: Check the back of the device:

The back of every iPhone model is printed with a different model number. The steps are as follows:

  • Turn off your iPhone.
  • Look for the small text on the back of your iPhone. You’ll find the model number listed there.

  • Once you have the model number, you can visit Apple’s official website or use a search engine to look up the country of origin based on that model number.

Method 2: Use a Third-Party Tool (optional):

You can also use online tools or apps to identify the model number to find the country of manufacture. Simply enter the model number, and the tool will tell you the country of origin of the iPhone.

Which Country Has the Lowest Price for Apple?

Prices for Apple products might differ significantly between nations as a result of things like taxes, import charges, exchange rates, and local market conditions. Apple products are consistently the cheapest, in spite of the fact that prices change.

Apple generally provides low costs in nations like the United States, where it is headquartered and has a big availability, thanks to the company’s direct sales and distribution methods.

Also, when comparing Apple product prices globally, places like Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates have historically provided more competitive pricing due to their lower electronic import taxes and customs. Apple may also change its pricing policy in order to stay competitive and adjust to shifting market dynamics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is there a way to change my iPhone’s country information?
Ans: No, you cannot change the country information on your iPhone because it is hardwired into the device’s IMEI and other identifiers during manufacturing.

Ques: Is it important to know my iPhone’s country?
Ans: While it may not be necessary, knowing the country of origin of your iPhone can be interesting and useful for warranty purposes or confirming its authenticity.

Ques: Is the country of origin the same as the manufacturing location?
Ans: No, the country of origin means where the iPhone is intended to be sold not where it was manufactured. iPhones can be assembled in a variety of locations around the world.

Ques: What if I can’t find the model number on my iPhone?
Ans: If you can’t find the model number in the “About” section of your iPhone, search for it in the original packaging or the SIM card tray.


Now, you have successfully learned how to check the iPhone’s country of origin. Knowing the origin of your iPhone can be important when you purchase a new device, sell your old one, or troubleshoot network problems while on travels.

You can quickly figure out the model number on your iPhone and find out where it was made by following the easy steps provided in this article.

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