How to View NX .PRT Files on MacBook? ( 5 Easy Ways )

Are you an engineer or a graphic designer and have a MacBook, then you are also having trouble viewing NX .PRT files. And if you are wondering how you can view NX .PRT files on MacBook, then don’t worry.

Today I am going to tell you the easiest way to view NX .PRT files on MacBook. I’ll tell you a step by step detail. If you want to know that you can view NX .PRT files on your MacBook, read this post carefully.

What is NX .PRT Files?

Let me tell you that Siemens NX software generates NX .PRT files, which are special 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files. The geometry, measurements, and assembly information of 3D models are all included in detail in these files.

If you want to see these files on your MacBook, you can’t see them directly, you need a compatible software to view these files that can understand and read the information inside it.

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How to View NX.PRT Files on MacBook Easily?

It’s actually NX .PRT is primarily intended for Windows software only. These files are not compatible with Mac OS, but there are ways you can view them in your MacBook.

Friends, I have told you below 5 best ways with the help of which you can see the NX .PRT files in your MacBook immediately and easily. I have described the Surrey methods as step by step which you can follow to view the NX .PRT files:

Method 1: View NX .PRT Files on MacBook By Siemens NX Viewer

Siemens NX has a viewer designed specifically for viewing PRT files on a Mac. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Go to the official Siemens NX website using your web browser.
  • Go on the website to find the section products or software downloads. Search for a Siemens NX version that is macOS (Mac operating system) compatible.
  • After finding the Siemens NX viewer, download the software installer. Double-clicking the installer file will start the installation process after the download is finished. To install the viewer on your Mac, follow the instructions given on the screen.

View NX .PRT Files on MacBook By Siemens NX Viewer

  • Find the PRT file that you want to see on your Mac after installation. Select “Open with” from the context menu by doing a right-click on the file. Choose Siemens NX Viewer. For an alternative, you can open the PRT file directly by opening Siemens NX Viewer first and using its user interface.

Method 2 : View NX .PRT Files on MacBook Using Glovius NX Viewer

View NX .PRT Files on MacBook Using Glovius NX Viewer

Like Siemens NX Viewer, you can use Glovius NX Viewer. Glovius NX Viewer is also designed to view PRT files. NX Part and Assembly PRT files can be opened with Glovius.

It can be used to explore 3D data, analyse GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) data, understand product structure, look at qualities, and interpret PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information).

Models can be rotated, zipped, paned, and rotated by users. The software also has features like accurately measuring models, popping assemblies to understand how they are put together, and efficiently assessing design modifications.

Method 3 : View NX .PRT Files on MacBook Using AutoCAD or Solid Edge

View NX .PRT Files on MacBook Using AutoCAD or Solid Edge

  • Open Solid Edge or AutoCAD on your MacBook.
  • Choose ‘File’ > ‘Open’ and open the folder that stores the.PRT file.
  • Click ‘Open’ after selecting the file to see what is inside.
  • At this point, you can edit the 3D model, interact with it, and look at the design.

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Method 4: View NX .PRT Files on MacBook Using Third-Party CAD Software

There is also a way that you can easily view PRT files in MacBook by opening them in CAD software by covering them using CAD third party software:

  • Installing CAD software on a Mac, like Autodesk Fusion 360, Rhino, or Onshape, is the first step. From each of those official websites, you can download the software and follow the macOS installation instructions.
  • Open the PRT file once the CAD software has been installed by starting the software. You can import many file formats, including PRT, into more than one of CAD software.
  • Now that the. PRT file has been imported, the CAD software allows you to easily explore your 3D model.

Method 5: View NX .PRT Files on MacBook By Converting to .STL Format

Suppose, for some reason, NX Viewer is not accessible in your MacBook or there is a problem accessing it, then you can view the files by converting them. This method is very simple:

  • If Siemens NX is open on your MacBook, open it. Then open the PRT file in Siemens NX directly.
  • Go to the export or save options in Siemens NX after opening the. PRT file. Check if you can export or save the file in the popular 3D format  STL (Stereolithography).
  • To save the file in the STL format, select it, and follow the instructions.
  • Once you have the STL file, you can open and see the 3D model on your MacBook using a 3D viewer like MeshLab or a 3D modeling app like Blender. Open the selected app, and import the STL file, and explore the 3D model as needed.

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Best Tools for Viewing .PRT Files

1. iemens NX Viewer:

Siemens provides an official viewer for.PRT files named iemens NX Viewer, which provides reliability and accuracy.

2. eDrawings:

Providing a simple viewing experience, eDrawings is a user-friendly alternative that accepts a number of file formats, including.PRT files.

3. AutoCAD:

A popular option for professionals, AutoCAD is a top design programme that allows you view.PRT files.

4. Solid Edge:

Solid Edge is another CAD software that supports NX files. Install Solid Edge on your MacBook to view, edit, and collaborate on .PRT files efficiently.


So you have seen how easily you can view PRT files on MacBook by using all these methods. You can easily view the files by using Siemens NX Viewer or Glovius NX Viewer or by converting them into STL format and viewing via any 3D viewer.

Friends, if you have any questions related to this topic or you are having difficulty in doing any method or any other doubt, then you can tell us through the comments. We will solve your problem.

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