It is Normal to Have Scratches on AirPod Case? ( 4 Easy Solutions )

Our daily lives are now incomplete without AirPods due to their unparalleled convenience and excellent sound quality. Their compact designs and sophisticated looks have unquestionably changed the wireless earphone market.

While most of the time there’s no need to worry, scratches on your AirPod case might still be annoying. In this analysis, we will examine the range of AirPod circumstances and discover the intricacies of this common issue.

Are Scratches on AirPod Case Really Normal?

Yes, scratches are common to form on AirPods cases over time with regular use, just like on any other electronic product. Generally made of hard plastic or similar material, the AirPods case is prone to aesthetic wear and tear. Scratches may come from handling, contact with other objects, and friction in pockets or bags, between other things.

Put on a protective case or cover for your AirPods case if you want to reduce the visibility of scratches. The reason for their existence is to soften blows and shield surfaces from scratches. Also, minimising the possibility of scratches can be done by using caution when handling and storing your AirPods case.

Why Do AirPods Scratch So Easily?

Because of their smooth surface and soft plastic creation, AirPods are prone to scratches from frequent use, as well as from dust and debris getting lodged in their slots. Additionally, stains and scratches are most likely to appear on the tips of the AirPods.

AirPod scratches are not unusual. Several customers have expressed dissatisfaction over their AirPods getting scratched despite their extreme caution. The case of the AirPods is likewise readily scuffed.

Use a protective case to shield your AirPods from dents and scratches. By doing this, scratches from normal wear and tear such as dirt and dust particles getting stuck in their grooves will be avoided. Using other things without a protective case, like jewellery or keys, could cause scratches.

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How to Remove Scratches on AirPods Case?

You can try to remove scratches from your AirPods case in some different methods. A sandpaper with a grain size of 2000 or 3000 can be used to gently rub down the scratches as a solution. Another method is to use toothpaste that has grit in it to smooth out the scratches. But, keep in mind that not all scratches can be removed with these methods, and if they are not used properly, they could harm the case.

If you would like to try the sandpaper method, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Use sandpaper with a grain size of 2000 grit or finer. I used 2500 grit straight for this tutorial and 3000 grit for a finer finish. Be cautious when selecting a grit because the airpods casing may be harmed by a grit that is too coarse.
  • The charging case’s surface can be cleaned with cotton wool and medicinal alcohol.

How to Remove Scratches on AirPods Case?

  • After lightly sanding the surface with 2500-grit fine sandpaper, wet it with absorbent cotton or a small amount of water. The more severe scratches have been softened, the polished sections have turned white, and the glossy surface has taken on a matte appearance. You can repeat this step as many times as required.
  • Continue sanding using 3000-grit sandpaper in the same manner as in the preceding step to restore a smooth surface. It will be smoother if the sandpaper is finer.

If you would like to try the toothpaste method, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Apply a small amount of toothpaste to a soft-bristled brush.
  • Gently rub the toothpaste onto the scratched area.
  • Wipe the toothpaste away with a wet towel.
  • If required, repeat the process.


What is the Best Way to Clean the AirPod Case?

To clean your AirPods case, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Clean the inside of the case

Clean the outside of the case with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. Use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to remove obstinate grime.

To clean the Lightning port, use a toothbrush, and cotton swabs for greater precision. Never put anything inside the case’s charging port; this can harm the metal contacts required for charging.


Step 2: Clean the inside of the case

Clean the Lightning port with a dry, soft-bristled brush to clean the interior of the case. Brush gently across the Lightning port with the brush. Excessive pressure may cause debris and wax to become lodged farther into the port. Anything that gets into the charging ports can damage the metal contacts underneath.

Get into the grooves on the case’s top. Maintaining the cleanliness of these grooves helps keep your case appearing new. As needed, dampen your swab with isopropyl alcohol. You don’t want drips getting into the case’s circuits, so don’t use enough to wet the cotton. With a lightly wet swab, gently work wax and dust from these problematic places.

To remove hard dirt, use a toothpick. Bacteria can really establish themselves here. A plastic or wooden toothpick should really assist you in wiping out the cracks and fissures in the case, especially around the lid.

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