[ 5 Ways] How to Turn Off SOS on iPhone in Easy Steps ( 2023 )

Hello friends, I am back once again with another informative article, Welcome to my blog, where today I am here to help you learn how to turn off SOS on iPhone! Have you ever activated your iPhone’s SOS feature by mistake and found yourself in an awkward position?

The SOS (Save Our Souls) feature is an important and safety feature, but sometimes it can get activated by mistake, causing unnecessary panic. Why is everyone complaining about the emergency setting when it is needed? Many iPhone owners are currently facing problems as their phone is stuck in emergency SOS mode.

If you’re having trouble fixing the problem right now, don’t worry, we can help. This article will help you through the simple steps to deactivate SOS on your iPhone, providing an easy and trouble-free user experience.

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What is the SOS on iPhone?

The SOS feature on an iPhone is an important security feature designed to give customers quick access to emergency services in critical situations.

Hitting the power button five times in a row or by accessing the Emergency SOS button in the Control Centre, enables users to quickly call local emergency services and specified emergency contacts.

Also, when activated, SOS can immediately send critical medical information to helpers. This feature gives customers peace of mind and increased safety while using their iPhones by making sure they can quickly get support and help in critical situations.

Why Would You Need to Turn Off SOS?

While the SOS feature is absolutely useful, there are situations where you may want to disable it. Accidentally activating SOS can be frustrating and result in unnecessary emergency calls, creating trouble for both you and emergency responders.

Also, if you give your iPhone to someone else, stopping SOS stops them from accidentally activating it.

How to Turn Off SOS on iPhone? – Step by Step

Short Answer:
To deactivate Emergency SOS on an iPhone, Open “Settings,” find “Emergency SOS,” and then disable “Auto Call” by turning the switch next to “Call with Side Button.” This will stop the phone from automatically dialing emergency services when the side button is pressed multiple times.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to disable SOS on your iPhone:

Method 1: Use Settings App to Turn Off SOS on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Settings app

Unlock your iPhone and Open the “Settings” app.

Open the Settings app

Step 2: Select Emergency SOS

Tap on “Emergency SOS” after scrolling down the Settings menu. This will take you to the Emergency SOS settings page.

Select Emergency SOS 

Step 3: Disabling Auto Call

Disabling Auto Call

On the Emergency SOS settings page, there is an option named “Auto Call.” Tap the switch next to this option to turn it off. This disables your iPhone from dialing emergency services when the SOS feature is activated.

Step 4: Turning off the Call with the Side Button

Call with Side Button

You can disable the option of calling emergency services with the side button for more reduce accidentally triggering. Turn off the “Call with Side Button” option on the same Emergency SOS settings screen.

Method 2: Use Airplane Mode On/Off

Many iOS users found a quick solution to the SOS activation problem.” Turn the Aeroplane Mode on and off. The SOS icon disappears in seconds, and your iPhone begins searching for signals again. Follow the steps below to learn how to disable SOS on your iPhone:

Step 1: Go to your iPhone Home Screen and open your Settings App.

Step 2: Find the Airplane Mode and tap to turn it on.

Use airoplane mode to Turn Off SOS on iPhone

Step 3: After a wait for a minute, tap the “Airplane Mode” option again to turn it off.

Step 4: Now go to the Control Centre, and simply swipe down from the top right corner.

Step 5: Tap the Aeroplane mode button to turn it on, and then tap it again sometime later to turn it off.

Method 3: Use Siri to Turn Off SOS on iPhone

For those who choose voice commands, using Siri to disable the SOS feature on your iPhone is simple and practical. This can also be done using the Siri app, making it fairly easy for beginners. To disable it, simply follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Activate Siri by holding the Side button of your iPhone or saying “Hey Siri.”

Use Siri to Turn Off SOS on iPhone

Step 2: Now it’s time to say “Turn off Emergency SOS” or “Disable Emergency SOS.”

Step 3: Siri will confirm the deactivation of Emergency SOS.

Method 4: Use Celluar Data On/Off

Turning Cellular Data on and off on your iPhone can also help you deactivate the SOS feature. Follow these steps to turn off SOS via Cellular Data:

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and open the Settings App.

Step 2: Select the “Cellular” option then enable the “Cellular Data”.

Step 3: Turn off “Cellular Data” again after a few seconds.

Use Celluar Data

Step 4: Swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone to go Control Centre.

Step 5: Tap the “Cellular Data” option to enable it, wait a minute, and deactivate it again.

Method 5: Use Accessibility Shortcut 

Turning off SOS on an iPhone with the Accessibility Shortcut is a way that can be useful to people who set up the Accessibility Shortcut for this reason. The Accessibility Shortcut on your iPhone allows you to quickly find and control many accessibility features and functions. Follow these steps to turn off SOS via Accessibility Shortcut:

Step 1: First open the Settings app and select Accessibility.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on “Accessibility Shortcut.”

Step 3: Choose “Emergency SOS.”

Step 4: Triple-click the side button to turn off Emergency SOS.

How to Confirm SOS is Disabled?

After following the above steps, it is important to check that the SOS feature is truly disabled. To confirm:

  • Press the power button five times to test SOS activation.
  • If you have successfully disabled SOS, your iPhone should not make an emergency call.

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Why is My Phone Stuck on SOS?

Why is My Phone Stuck on SOS?

You may be wondering why your phone suddenly entered SOS mode. Several reasons can cause this, and we will cover the most common reasons here:

1. Weak Network

Weak network signals are one of the most common reasons for your phone being stuck in SOS mode. When your phone is unable to create a solid connection with your carrier’s network, it activates SOS mode, allowing it to make emergency calls as the last option. This can occur in locations with low network coverage or during emergencies that damage mobile phones.

2. SIM Card Issues: SOS at Your Service

Another reason for SOS mode issues is a bad or poorly installed SIM card. If your phone fails to recognize the SIM card or has problems reading it, it may enter SOS mode. Check your SIM card for any damage and make sure it’s in the correct slot.

3. Battery Issues

Low battery levels can also force SOS mode on your phone. When your phone’s battery gets low, it may choose emergency services to save power. To avoid this problem, keep your phone charged or carry a portable charger with you at all times.

4. Outdated software

SOS mode activation can also be caused by outdated phone software. Software updates frequently include bug fixes and extras, and failing to update your phone regularly may result in unexpected problems such as being stuck in SOS mode. To avoid such problems, always make sure your device is running the most current software version.

5. Airplane Mode

While using airplane mode on your device is a fantastic method of keeping up with airline rules and regulations, it can also result in SOS mode activation. Airplane mode blocks cellular communication, and if you ignore turning it off after landing, your phone may be stuck in SOS mode until you reactivate normal mode.

Alternative Emergency Contact Options

There are other ways to make that your emergency contacts can be informed when needed, other than the SOS feature.

1. Setting up Medical ID

Setting up Medical ID

On your iPhone, you can create a Medical ID that contains essential information like allergies, blood type, and emergency contacts. This information can be accessed even from the lock screen without unlocking your phone.

2. Emergency Contacts on Lock Screen

Emergency Contacts on Lock Screen

You can also make your emergency contact information displayed on the lock screen. This way, if someone finds your lost iPhone, they can quickly reach your emergency contacts without needing to unlock the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What happens if you accidentally activate SOS?

Ans: When you accidentally press SOS, your iPhone will call emergency services and automatically send your location to them. You may receive a call from an emergency dispatcher.

Ques: Can I still call emergency services after turning off SOS?

Ans: Yes, even after disabling iPhone SOS feature, you can still call emergency services manually by dialing the appropriate emergency numbers.

Ques: Does disabling SOS affect other emergency features?

Ans: No, disabling SOS has no effect on other emergency features on your iPhone, such as Medical ID or emergency contact information.

Ques: Will my contacts be notified when I disable SOS?

Ans: No, deactivating emergency SOS on iPhone will not send any notifications to your contacts.

Ques: Can I disable SOS temporarily?

Ans: Yes, you can disable SOS temporarily by following the steps mentioned above and re-enabling it when needed.

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Learning How to Turn Off SOS on iPhone can save you from unnecessary trouble and emergency calls. You may easily disable the SOS feature on any iPhone by following the steps explained above. Remember that if your SOS is turned off, you can still manually call emergency services if necessary.

I hope this article provides you with enough information about turning off SOS mode on iPhone, if you have any questions related to this article please comment below we will try to reply as soon as possible.

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