[ 100 % Fix ] Why is There a Purple Line on My iPhone?

When you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed or playing your favorite iPhone game, you suddenly see a different purple line on your screen vertically and you’re worried about what happened to your phone, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand what’s going on.

In this article, we will explain why is there a purple line on My iPhone 12 screen has purple lines or why the same problem happens on other models. You can also get an easy and simple solution for the issue.

Why is There a Purple Line on My iPhone? ( 7 Common Reason )

When the purple screen on your iPhone happens, you may think about what caused this issue and why your iPhone’s screen has turned purple. Below, we’re going to discuss a few common reasons for this issue:

1. Loose flex cable connection: 

The iPhone screen can turn purple when the flex cable has a bad connection. If your iPhone has been dropped or exposed to high pressure, it can have caused damage to the display layers, which could have caused the flex cable to become loose.

2. Accidentally dropping your iPhone:

If your iPhone accidentally slips from your hand and falls into a hard place for some other reason, then its screen will definitely be purple. Even if you have a cover on your phone, it will not be able to protect your phone and your phone is bound to riot.

3. Moisture and water:

One of the reasons why purple lines appear on your iPhone screen may be that your phone has come in contact with water or moisture. If you think that I have put a waterproof cover then how can it be keep in mind that you can never rely on things like the waterproof cover to avoid water or moisture, instead you have to take care of yourself. Always keep in mind that phones are never completely waterproof, so forget that my phone is waterproof.

4. Error in the system:

It is also possible for the iPhone screen to turn purple due to a system error. Your iPhone may experience this issue if its system version is too old.

5. Overheating:

Overheating can cause display issues, and if your iPhone becomes too hot, a purple line may start to appear. Make sure that your phone is not exposed to high temperatures.

6. Magnetic Interference:

Strong magnetic fields from magnetic phone mounts, speakers, or other devices can interfere with the iPhone’s display, causing lines or errors.

7. Incompatible Apps:

Some third-party apps may not be suitable for the hardware or software version of your iPhone. Using incompatible apps can cause display issues.

How to Fix Purple Line on iPhone Screen?

Here are some steps you can take to fix a purple line on your iPhone screen, but keep in mind that they might not always be successful. If these steps fail to solve the problem, contact Apple Support or visit an authorised service provider.

 1. Factory Reset Your iPhone:

One tried-and-true solution that has worked for many users dealing with purple screens on their iPhones is doing a factory reset. before doing a factory reset on your iPhone, you need to back up your data via iTunes or iCloud.

If you have successfully backed up your data, go to the next steps:

Factory Reset Your iPhone

  • Find the Settings icon on your iPhone home screen.
  • Scroll down to see General, then click it, and then Reset.
  • Select Reset All Data and Settings.
  • When you select Erase all data and Settings, your iPhone will prompt you to enter your Apple ID password.
  • A pop-up box will appear telling you that all data and settings on your iPhone will be deleted.
  • To resolve the purple screen, press the Erase iPhone button.

2. Restart Your iPhone:

If you’ve no idea why your iPhone screen has turned purple, you may try forcing a restart. Display issues could be caused by a temporary glitch. Try restarting your iPhone to see if the purple line goes away.

The power button, volume up, and volume down keys are located on the side of your iPhone and can be used to restart it.

When the power-off slider displays on your screen, press and hold the power and volume up/down buttons together. To turn off your device, slide the slider.

_Restart Your iPhone

Then, to switch your iPhone back on, use the same process by continually pressing down the power and volume up/down buttons. Check if the purple colour is still visible on your screen.

3. Adjust Screen Brightness and Color 

When the iPhone’s purple color is caused by software issues, changing the brightness and color temperature in Settings can be helpful.

Adjust Screen Brightness and Color

  • The steps below can be used to adjust the brightness and color hue of the full iPhone screen:
  • On the home screen, click Settings.
  • Select “Accessibility” > “Display & Text Size” Choose the color filters.
  • To turn on Colour Filters, tap the switch next to them.
  • Select Colour Tint by clicking it.
  • For the tint you want, drag the Hue Slider left or right.
  • To change the brightness, move the slider to the left or right.

4. Update iOS:

Another good option is to update iOS so that it controls the purple iPhone screen. Make sure iOS is installed on your iPhone in the most recent version. Software bugs that might cause display issues can be fixed in more recent updates.

Update iOS:

Go to “Settings” “General” and “Software Update” on your iPhone to update the iOS operating system. To confirm your update, click the “Download and Install” button if any update is available. Once the updating process starts, all you need to do is check that your Wi-Fi connection is strong and wait for the update to complete.

5. Contact Apple Support:

If none of the above methods work, contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store or an authorised service provider. They have the knowledge and tools to accurately recognise the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a software update fix the purple line issue?

Ans: Yes, sometimes software glitches are the cause. Updating your iPhone’s software can resolve these glitches, and remove the purple line problem.

Q: Is the purple line problem covered under warranty?

Ans: If your iPhone is still under warranty and the issue is not due to physical damage, Apple might repair or replace your device for free.

Q: What if the purple line is caused by physical damage?

Ans: If physical damage is the reason, you have to take your iPhone to an authorised service provider or an Apple Store for professional repair.

Q: Can I fix the purple line issue at home?

Ans: Minor issues, like loose display cables, can be resolved at home provided you have the necessary technical knowledge. But for major issues, it is better to get advice from experts.

Q: Will a factory reset remove the purple line?

Ans: A factory reset can resolve software issues, but it will also erase all your data. Only perform a factory reset after backing up your iPhone.

How long does it take to fix the purple line issue?

Ans: The time taken to fix the purple line problem depends on the cause and the extent of the damage. Simple software fixes can be done quickly, while hardware repairs might take a few days.


Dealing with a purple line on your iPhone screen can be frustrating, but with the right knowledge and methods, you can easily remove the issue. Don’t worry if you notice purple lines or tints on your iPhone screen, there are many good solutions available.

You have the option of doing a factory reset, changing the color settings, or contacting Apple customer care. But always before trying any of this method is to back up your data.

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