Is AppleCare Worth it in India? – To Buy or Not to Buy 2023

Do you want to purchase an Apple product in India? If so, you may have come to the option of purchasing AppleCare. But what exactly is AppleCare, and is it worth the extra cost?

AppleCare is an extended warranty program offered by Apple that provides additional coverage and support for your cherished Apple devices. In this article we will discuss” Is AppleCare worth it in India?” and clear your all queries regarding this topic.

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What is AppleCare?

AppleCare is the full-service and support plan offered by Apple for its varied product line, which includes iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other devices.

You can buy the usual warranty period and gain many benefits by purchasing AppleCare. There is also fast access to hardware repairs, accidental damage insurance, and technical support.

The Cost of AppleCare

Before looking at AppleCare’s worth in India, we will discuss its overall price. AppleCare prices vary depending on the device and the chosen coverage period.

AppleCare costs approximately 15-20% of the device’s purchase price. While this may appear to be extra spending at first, it is important to compare the provided benefits against the possible costs of repairs or replacements without coverage.

Benifits of AppleCare

AppleCare presents several enticing benefits that make it a compelling option for many users. Let’s explore some of these advantages:

1). Extended Warranty

The standard warranty for your Apple device is renewed by AppleCare after the first coverage period. As a result, Apple will quickly fix or replace any hardware problems that happen within the extended warranty period at no additional cost to the customer. Some rules and regulations apply to this.

2). Priority Access to Technical Support

AppleCare gives you early access to Apple’s technical support team. If you have software issues or have questions about your device, Apple’s professionals are here to provide quick and secure support. This saves time and reduces frustration during troubleshooting.

3). Coverage for Accidental Damage

One of the most unique features of AppleCare is accidental damage coverage. Accidents sometimes happen, but with AppleCare, you can protect your device from these kinds of accidents.

AppleCare greatly minimizes repair and replacement costs for broken screens and liquid damage.

4). Genuine Apple Parts and Expert Repairs

AppleCare promises that repairs or replacements will be completed with genuine Apple parts. Apple’s authorized service providers have the expertise and knowledge needed to repair your device correctly. This makes sure its original performance and functionality are maintained.

5). Transferable Coverage

AppleCare also includes coverage that is removable. This means that if you sell your Apple device before the coverage period expires, the new owner will be able to continue using it. When you upgrade or sell your device, this will increase its value.

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Is AppleCare worth it in India?

Let’s now discuss the main issue: Is AppleCare worth it in India? Depending on your situation, AppleCare may be useful in India. For your Apple products, AppleCare offers an extended warranty and technical support. AppleCare can be helpful in India, where repair charges may be quite high due to import taxes and a lack of service facilities.

It extends the regular warranty period to cover accidental damage and hardware problems. AppleCare may end up saving you money over time if you own expensive Apple products like iPhones, iPads, or MacBooks, especially if you’re prone to accidents or foresee technological difficulties.

But keep in mind things like how you use the item if you can afford repairs, and how you treat your devices in general. AppleCare can be less necessary if you’re meticulous with your gadgets and have easy access to reasonably priced repair choices.

What is the Disadvantage of AppleCare?

1). Limited Protection

The main disadvantage of AppleCare is its short-term protection. Although Apple products are normally covered for a year under a standard warranty, AppleCare provides coverage up to three years from the original purchase date.

But if you plan on upgrading your smartphone quickly, this additional coverage may not be necessary.

2). Financial Considerations

The price of AppleCare is another disadvantage. Your Apple gadget will cost you more money if you purchase AppleCare. It’s important to balance the benefits against the cost because prices vary depending on what gadget you own.

AppleCare might be preferable for some people above the possible benefits. This is more so if they expect to upgrade their equipment soon or are confident in their capacity to handle minor fixes.

3). Limited Coverage for Accidental Damage

AppleCare covers accidental damage, but there are some limitations. Only some kinds of accidental damages are covered by AppleCare, and some may not be fixable or replaceable.

Knowing the scope of accidental damage coverage requires a detailed reading of AppleCare’s terms and conditions.

4). Avoiding Third-Party Repairs

A feature that some customers find not beneficial is the chance for AppleCare to reject third-party repairs. If you select AppleCare and later choose to have your device mended by a professional from a different company, Apple can decide not to support your device in the future. This restriction could be difficult for people who choose local service providers or technicians.

AppleCare Vs AppleCare+

Difference Between AppleCare and AppleCare+

Apple has two service and support plans, AppleCare and AppleCare+, but their costs and levels of coverage differ:


AppleCare is a one-year basic warranty and support plan that is included with the majority of Apple devices. It covers problems due to defective components and manufacturing errors. Under AppleCare, hardware problems are repaired within the first year, and you can get phone support for software-related issues.

You are still responsible for paying for screen replacements and any damages that are not because of manufacturing mistakes, and accidental damage is not covered.


AppleCare+ is an additional service package that expands on what AppleCare covers. With some restrictions, it offers protection against accidental damage along with manufacturing mistakes. AppleCare+ extends the coverage for the majority of Apple goods to two years from the original purchase date for an extra fee, which is often paid upfront or in installments.

You can have a certain amount of accidental damage situations with AppleCare+, and you will pay less for fixes like screen replacements and other damages.

Is Applecare+ worth it for the iPhone?

Is Applecare+ worth it for the iPhone

With AppleCare+ for iPhone, you can have limitless accidental damage coverage against particular service fees and taxes for each incident. Other benefits for subscribers include priority access to Apple experts via phone or chat around the clock and Express Replacement Service.

By choosing AppleCare+ Theft and Loss, you can increase the benefits mentioned above and receive coverage for up to two theft or loss incidents in a year. But there is a cost for each incidence. Find My must be activated on your device both during the whole claims process and when it is lost or stolen for you to be eligible for theft and loss coverage.

Is Applecare+ worth it for the Macbook Pro?

Is Applecare+ worth it for the Macbook Pro?

AppleCare+ for Mac provides complete coverage, but at a service fee, for parts, labor, batteries, accessories, and even Apple memory. A three-year package costs $179, while the yearly pricing starts at $65 for both options.

Extended warranties for the Apple Studio Display and Pro Display XDR are available; the price for a three-year period is $149, or $50 each year. There is a service charge for the required repairs in the event of mishaps such as screen or external enclosure damage or other unintentional damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What does AppleCare cover?

Ans: AppleCare covers a wide range of issues, including hardware failures, defects, and damage caused by accidents. It provides extra coverage, and priority technical support, and guarantees genuine Apple repairs using original parts.

Ques: How long does AppleCare last?

Ans: Depending on the device and coverage plan picked, AppleCare increases the standard warranty period by two or three years.

Ques: Can I purchase AppleCare after buying the device?

Ans: Yes, AppleCare can be purchased after purchasing the device for a specific amount of time. To guarantee continuous coverage, it is advised to buy it at the same time as the device.

Ques: Can I transfer AppleCare to a new device?

Ans: AppleCare cannot be switched to a different device, no. But if you sell your device before your coverage ends, the new owner will be able to control your coverage.

Ques: How much does AppleCare cost in India?

Ans: Depending on the device and the chosen coverage length, AppleCare prices change. It may be a few thousand rupees or an important amount of the retail cost of the device.

Ques: Is AppleCare worth it for older devices?

Ans: For older devices, mainly those with high value or those that you need seriously, AppleCare can still be useful. But before making a choice, it’s important to take the device’s age and future repair costs into account.

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The decision on whether Is AppleCare worth it in India. Depending on the needs and conditions of a person. If you want security, quick support, and protection against unknown repairs, AppleCare is a good option.

With the high price of Apple products and future spending for repairs or replacements, AppleCare is a wise financial decision. This means that you can use your smartphone to the greatest ability without worrying about anything. You can improve the life of your Apple device with AppleCare.

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